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Author Topic: Status Update (24/10/2010)  (Read 9309 times)
« on: October 25, 2010, 04:23:01 am »
Offline Rothgar
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Well it has been an interesting couple of days...

I over the last few months have been getting "skipping" when listening to the radio. I thought it was just VLC acting up didn't think too much of it.

Well I got curious for some reason yesterday because it was happening fairly often. So I started doing some checking on the DNAS's and found that the source was disconnecting from the main hub.

I found that very strange. So I started doing some ping tests. Latency and packet-loss were fine.

So for a laugh I decided to see how long the box had been online thinking the DNAS's might of needed a restart and noticed some weird processes that caught my eye.

One was spawned as the "IRC Server" user and two as my Apache user. I was fairly sure the box was infected and after looking around it seems it got infected a while back due to the IRC Server having an exploit.

So spending a few hours I fixed up the IRC Server with a patched version and removed the infections that I could see, will probably OS reload the box soon but yeah fun times.

After removing the infections the DNAS so far seems to be behaving itself.

So I wake up the next day and find another server offline. Now after reading my e-mails I find that I have been taken offline due to billing issues... I know I updated my billing information on all the servers months ago and so I was fairly pissed off.

I won't name the company but after speaking to them, they had not updated their database properly so while I had provided the new details their system was not using it.

So yeah fun escapades. Good news is that hopefully upgrades all-round are coming soon.

Will provide more details hopefully soon.
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