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Title: Status Update (07/03/2012)
Post by: Rothgar on March 07, 2012, 04:43:02 am

I finally decided to look into some of the issues with the site. Since moving some of the systems around the MySQL databases became case sensitive.

So this basically broke a lot of the replication due to the SELECT queries not being the correct case/working properly. I have now gone through and changed all the scripts and systems I could find to be all using the proper case. In the process I also fixed our IRC bot back-end crontab which did not have an auto-recover when I killed it :)

After making these fixes it has also brought the Radio page relay information back to life and all seems to be going good.

So I have now re-exported the radio database and rebuilt the replication to the Web Server, this means you should be able to use the Request system again!

Long overdue I know, but I will be keeping an eye on the MySQL over the next couple of days to make sure it's all running properly.

Some people might have noticed I also added a few more oldskool tracks, others maybe not due to the database being broken :)