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1  News / Network News / Status Update (07/03/2012) on: March 07, 2012, 04:43:02 am

I finally decided to look into some of the issues with the site. Since moving some of the systems around the MySQL databases became case sensitive.

So this basically broke a lot of the replication due to the SELECT queries not being the correct case/working properly. I have now gone through and changed all the scripts and systems I could find to be all using the proper case. In the process I also fixed our IRC bot back-end crontab which did not have an auto-recover when I killed it :)

After making these fixes it has also brought the Radio page relay information back to life and all seems to be going good.

So I have now re-exported the radio database and rebuilt the replication to the Web Server, this means you should be able to use the Request system again!

Long overdue I know, but I will be keeping an eye on the MySQL over the next couple of days to make sure it's all running properly.

Some people might have noticed I also added a few more oldskool tracks, others maybe not due to the database being broken :)

2  General / General Discussion / Re: Official Dawgclan IRC Channels Updated (24/11/06) on: October 04, 2011, 02:45:41 am
IRC Servers Updated.
3  News / Network News / Status Update (15/08/2011) on: August 15, 2011, 06:41:25 pm
Just an update on recent downtime.

One of the data centers we use for hosting had a major power outage.

This caused the box to power off and it was offline for a while until the issues were resolved.

Once the power was back online the box was brought back up, however some of the services that should have been set to Automatic did not start for some reason.

Still looking into this but I believe I have now fixed the radio services at least, will progress with the rest as time permits.

On top of this issues are re-arising on another internet connection which we are having the service provider look into, hopefully they should be resolved soon.
4  News / Network News / Status Update (14/01/2011) on: January 14, 2011, 04:47:31 pm
First off Happy New Year everyone, hope everyone had some time off and enjoyed the break.

Some good news. We are finally moving over to a proper server for the back-end system. I am in the process of configuring everything.

So if the radio goes up and down quite a bit over the next week or so it will be because of this. Going to try and configure things a little differently but all in all it should work out quite well.

As the project gets completed I'll provide more details.


Ok after a lot of messing around MySQL replication is now working again on the server.

So the Website and Request system should now be working.
5  News / Network News / Status Update (24/10/2010) on: October 25, 2010, 04:23:01 am
Well it has been an interesting couple of days...

I over the last few months have been getting "skipping" when listening to the radio. I thought it was just VLC acting up didn't think too much of it.

Well I got curious for some reason yesterday because it was happening fairly often. So I started doing some checking on the DNAS's and found that the source was disconnecting from the main hub.

I found that very strange. So I started doing some ping tests. Latency and packet-loss were fine.

So for a laugh I decided to see how long the box had been online thinking the DNAS's might of needed a restart and noticed some weird processes that caught my eye.

One was spawned as the "IRC Server" user and two as my Apache user. I was fairly sure the box was infected and after looking around it seems it got infected a while back due to the IRC Server having an exploit.

So spending a few hours I fixed up the IRC Server with a patched version and removed the infections that I could see, will probably OS reload the box soon but yeah fun times.

After removing the infections the DNAS so far seems to be behaving itself.

So I wake up the next day and find another server offline. Now after reading my e-mails I find that I have been taken offline due to billing issues... I know I updated my billing information on all the servers months ago and so I was fairly pissed off.

I won't name the company but after speaking to them, they had not updated their database properly so while I had provided the new details their system was not using it.

So yeah fun escapades. Good news is that hopefully upgrades all-round are coming soon.

Will provide more details hopefully soon.
6  News / Network News / Status Update (03/10/2010) on: October 03, 2010, 04:28:45 pm
Just a status update on what is happening over here.

We are working slowly on a new website which will hopefully have a bit of a face-lift from the current in some ways neglected version. I started working on the old one but I do not have the graphical skills to finish it and so it was kind of left broken and incomplete.

In this new website we are hopefully going to look at making this "Mobile" friendly while we are in the process so people can hopefully tune in using their mobile devices across a few of the more major Mobile OS's such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile etc.

On another front I am in the process of hopefully getting the redundant server I mentioned a number of months back which is going to fix the occasional outages that people run into. As mentioned at the moment due to some hardware failures the music was moved onto my main PC which freezes up from time to time. Moving this onto a Dedicated Server is going to make things much better.

So there's the status update for now, hopefully will have more news soon.

** UPDATE **

Also I have just changed the radio back to our old topology, we were running a SHOUTcast trans-coding Hub recently and after a report from one of our users we believe the Trans-coder may be causing slight connectivity issues or buffer issues on the streams.

So we have gone back to streaming 3 individual feeds (One per bit-rate) and will need to re-think our overall Hub picture again at a later time. The idea was that with the Hub we could have live DJ's fairly easily and it would decrease bandwidth utilization to the main server, we might re-visit it soon but it currently seems very unsupported so may be some time.
7  News / Network News / Status Update (31/07/2010) on: July 31, 2010, 12:09:53 am
Made a few changes the our dynamic playlist generation script.

This was mostly to work on better iTunes support. iTunes for some reason only likes "pls" extensions after a lot of testing.

I have been trying to point everything to our new playlist PHP library which helps with dynamic generation of RSS/XML playlists, PLS playlists and Windows Media playlists.

So I in the end redirected our old playlist files "listen.pls" "listen32k.pls" "listen64k.pls" and "listen128k.pls" to the PHP script.

After messing with a few things and testing this seems to now work. On top of this I have now submitted our station to iTunes to get added hopefully in the future.

On another note I have only just found out that SHOUTcast have moved to their new Version 2 Beta. I will be doing some research into this to determine whether it has any major benefits but it looks promising.

Since finding iTunes was very finicky with the radio I might now look back into XBOX support as I was having issues with the our PHP library for that setup as well. This may now be resolved with the ".pls" redirection.

I'll post up some details probably over the next week with instructions for iTunes and findings on the XBOX side of things.
8  News / Network News / Status Update (15/07/2010) on: July 15, 2010, 03:45:01 pm
Well as some of you may have seen the Radio seems to be going up and down a lot lately.

This is due to my main PC freezing up when I have been playing a new game. Since the music currently resides on my main computer it has been affecting the radio.

Now I had been trying to diagnose why the freezing was happening and as part of that I disabled restarting the computer after a blue screen. Now each time the computer freezes and I restart it the music stops streaming and locks up the radio and has to be manually restarted. Sometimes I forgot to do this straight away.

In any case one night I came home from work to my computer was Blue Screened when I wasn't even doing anything. On the next reboot one of my hard-drives in my RAID had died it seems.

So I have gone through the process of buying a replacement drive and received it last night.

I then installed it and expected it would rebuild and all would be good but the rebuild time was showing some excessively long times like 3 days. I could not seem to figure out why it would take this long seeming as I only have 1.2TB of data.

So now I am going through the process of backing up my data onto a separate hard-drive and then I will test all the drives individually (Probably breaking my RAID). This might take me a couple of days before things are back online. Might be time for me to look at the hardware RAID card I keep telling myself to get...
9  News / Network News / Status Update (14/05/2010) on: May 14, 2010, 12:13:39 am
Well a bit of bad news. I had moved a while back the Mp3 data along with a lot of other general data (personal) onto a cheap and nasty NAS (Western Digital World Book Edition II)

This recently had a disk failure which I noticed and I was thinking of options between getting a more robust NAS box or a new Server which would have extra redundancy (Power supplies proper hardware RAID etc) and I could double up as a media center too hopefully.

Well my options were coming down to either the HP Data Vault X510 or a ML350 G6. Unfortunately the POS NAS box decided to pack in before I did anything and stopped working.

I tried power cycling hoping it might reboot and recover itself but no it wouldn't even turn back on after that.

So I am currently in the process of recovering my data through another machine which is looking promising but will take some time. I will then probably just run the files off my machine for now and I am hoping I might end up getting the ML350 G6 with Server 2008 SBS and just run everything off that. Depends on costs at this point.

In the mean time you'll have to chill out while data is being recovered and things get reconfigured.


Ok well the data has been mostly recovered and now the Music is being shared off my main PC. The Radio is back online and functioning as per normal.

Will post more details later with final solution.
10  News / Network News / Status Update (22/04/2010) on: April 22, 2010, 03:50:49 am
Noticed the Online Media Player was broken since the playlist changes.

I have temporarily fixed it for now, will need to change the overall player to use the new playlist methods in the future. That would be the idea plan anyway.

Might also look at making it utilize the MySQL database for relays instead of a half static method currently used.
11  News / Network News / Status Update 04/04/2010 on: April 04, 2010, 10:24:36 pm
Just a small update.

I didn't realize the Windows Media Player links were not 100% working on the radio page, spend a bit of time today revamping the playlist building library I created to handle the playlists better for Windows Media Player users.

These links should now automatically open in Windows Media Player, you still still need the Orban Codec pack for listening though.

Took this time to optimize and make a new class for this function too and cleaned up a bit of code.
12  News / Network News / Status Update 21/02/10 on: February 21, 2010, 10:09:44 am
Some of you may have seen the station offline recently and possibly seen it go down from time to time over the last few months.

Well had an interesting thing happen to the Radio Server. I used to run that machine as my main computer with 2 x WD Raptor 10K drives in a RAID1 for my OS. For a long time occasionally the system would lock up and the RAID would fuck up and have to rebuild.

I have in the past run numerous tests on the disks and they have come up clean with no errors. I thought maybe the On-board RAID controller was fucked and so when I rebuilt this machine for the Radio I used them as two independent disks.

Well about a week ago I noticed the Radio VMware was running very slow, so I rebooted it and it would not shut down 100%. I restarted the whole VMware box. When it came online it wouldn't show the Radio VMware, so I looked at the datastore and my VMware flat files were gone completely and any time I tried to do certain things the disk it would stop responding...

I tried a few things like checking through SSH on the box and it knew the file was there but said it could not access it. I even plugged it into another machine but it wouldn't see the partitions properly but saw another linux disk, this may have been due to VMware's partition layout which is a bit of a bitch, I couldn't find any VMware partition repair tools or any real VMware recovery tools for that matter.

All in all though I believe the disk was fucked. So I had to rebuild the VMware from an old backup I could find. I think it's running ok now, once I have it perfect I think I'll take a copy of the folder for safe keeping.

So it was a bit fucked, I don't trust the drive anymore, no matter how many times it came up clean I suspected something was wrong and I have had enough of the shit. So using another SATA II disk I had lying around.
13  News / Network News / Status Update 04/12/09 on: December 04, 2009, 09:24:59 pm
Well I have decided to spend some time fixing up various playlist issues to make it better for Windows Media Player users.

The Radio page should now be updated for these users to use the correct Orban links.

I also got tired of waiting for VLC to fix their Web applets after they fucked them moving to 1.x so I have re-made the Online Media player so it works again.

It's a bit more tedious because you have to select a server, but it works.

I'm also going to now re-add the annual Christmas songs into rotation because it is that season!


Found part of the memory leak issue on the Back-End IRC script has to do with HTTP queries, will be looking into it more.

On another note, I have finished fixing up some of the error messages on the IRC bot and it's now back in operation.

This has also fixed the RSS feed and after some updating of details the RSS should be updating properly now.
14  News / Network News / Status Update 28/11/09 on: November 28, 2009, 04:08:20 pm
Well I have now re-arranged the DNAS's/Servers and you will see some new servers available on the Radio page.

I am still working on the Radio IRC Bot, hoping to get that working 100% soon.
15  News / Network News / Status Update 26/11/09 on: November 26, 2009, 05:30:05 am
Well the Radio IRC Bot has now been moved to the new VMware image.

Since it was a fresh start I noticed some flaws in the bot not handling disconnections very well so I have started to add a lot of extra error capturing code on the back-end.

It's not 100% finished at the moment so I'll work on it over the next couple of days.
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