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Frequently Asked Questions
Table of contents
How did Dawgclan Network start?
Dawgclan Network started back in 1998 as a gaming-clan. After the clan died in 1999, I had several requests for my music, and saw a few other stations being run for their friends. This was the start of the Dawgclan Mp3 Radio. I decided since I was not using my bandwidth during school hours, I could run a radio stream. I started with the playlist on shuffle, and now run as you see it today, with an automated DJ. With an ever growing ammount of Mp3's, I hope you enjoy it.
Why call yourselves "Dawgclan"?
To myself it was a reference to "Dog". Dog seems to be refered as feminine these days and Dawg ended up being the masculine, Example "Phife Dawg". Along with my reasoning, "Dawg" refers to homie which fits well in the scheme of things. Why clan? Think about it, a group of people. At least we are more original than most of the other stations, no?
Where can I download the music you play?
We do not allow the downloading of music, but you can download most of the tracks from your favourite music programs. We can't allow leeching of Mp3's, as it requires a large amount of bandwidth.
Why do you broadcast at such poor quality?
We broadcast at low bitrates for a few reasons; it allows for 56K'ers to listen to the stream, the bandwidth that'd be used would be costly, and we have not come across any close relay sponsors.
Why can't I listen to the radio?
There may be a few reasons why you can't listen to the radio, one being the station may be offline or the servers are full. You can check if the servers are full via the radio page:

Another common reason is not having a compatible media player. We currently stream using AAC+v2 which is a new format claiming CD quality at 48Kbps, at current there are only a select few players capable of playing AAC+v2:
Windows Media Player (With Orban/Coding Technologies AAC/aacPlus Plugin available on the download page)
Why are some tracks edited/censored?
Dawgclan Network tries to get all music uncensored, and if you come across any songs that are censored please contact me, and I will get to it as soon as possible. We aim to bring you the best rap/hip-hop station, and that includes uncensored music.
What is with the DJ Clue remixes?
I am fully aware that I have some DJ Clue remixes on the station. I, in all honesty, will not broadcast DJ Clue remixes. From experience, I have come to find DJ Clue remixes are usually pre-remixed songs, and/or just the remix with him hollering his name over it. We do not support DJ Clue. There are much better DJ's.
What software do you use to broadcast?
We have been using SHOUTcast, although not 100%. It is enough for what we need.
How much does Dawgclan Network cost to run and how much money does it make?
Dawgclan Network is 100% non-profit. We look for sponsors and when we find someone willing to host free services for us, we set it up, maintain it, and give it to the community.
How can I help promote Dawgclan Network?
You can help by telling friends/family members about our network. Also, if you would like to sponsor us, by providing some free services, you can contact me and we will work out a decent solution. We also take donations towards bringing you new services.
What does my donation go towards?
Any money you are willing to donate is guaranteed to go towards services only. Whether it is stashed away to save towards something, or used immediately, we will not use your money for personal benefit. We can also provide you with a subdomain redirection to your website as a token of our appreciation. Also, for $1.00/month CDN, we can provide an e-mail redirection, providing it is a worthy name.
Who would Dawgclan Network like to thank?
I would like to thank those who have supported the network, Sponsors and Listeners alike. You are what has made us who we are today and the reason we are still here. Your feedback is important to us and helps us to further improve our network as a whole.