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1. Eminem (1)
    Lose yourself
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3. Atmosphere (1)
    That night

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DJ DMD ft. Lil' Keke & Fat Pat - 25 Lighters Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide 4:31 Buy this CD now!

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Zion I - Bird's eye view True And Livin' 2:35 Buy this CD now!
Nate Dogg - Can't nobody Music & Me 5:24 Buy this CD now!
Wordburglar - Spit fresh Burglaritis 3:31 Buy this CD now!
Tha Alkaholiks ft. O.D.B. - Hip hop drunkies Wu-Chronicles 5:01 Buy this CD now!
A Tribe Called Quest - Steve Biko (Stir it up) Midnight Marauders 3:12 Buy this CD now!

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