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Dawgclan Network affiliates
TripleBlack TripleBlack is run by Matt A.K.A. Cheeba who is now a Co-Administrator of Dawgclan Network. Cheeba currently hosts a few relays.

Dawgclan Network sponsors
GotGameServers This company run by Vernon A.K.A. GotGame is one of the better companies I have come across, after running through multiple sponsors, we have continued to receive quality services from this company. As an added bonus of obtaining services through GotGames I am a Co-Administrator for them and will be able to help with any problems that arise, if they arise.
GlobalGamingNetwork This company run by h4x. It's a professional game host with hosting for a vast range of games across a few locations. h4x currently supplies us with a 500 listener relay.

Dawgclan Network software
SuperCast Supercast is coded by Matt for ACB radio. We are currently working with Matt to fix bugs in this software of which we plan to use as our hub.
SHOUTcast SHOUTcast is our major streaming application. We are founded on multiple 100Mbit servers using SHOUTcast technology to relay.
SAM We have been using SAM A.K.A. Streaming Audio Manager since about 1999 back at version 1.1, although not perfect we are still working with their software. It is the best we have come across, and have coded our Radio IRC dll based around SAM2.
Winamp We recommend Winamp 5.1+ as the Windows player of choice for Dawgclan Network radio.

Miscellaneous links
Pikchaz Pikchaz is a website hosted by one of my good friends in real life. It is mainly a bunch of pictures of shit that happens when they go out.
Dan Beland Dan Beland A.K.A. Da534 offers various services, we have worked on numerous projects together but have gone our seperate ways, however we do help each other out on occasion.
Street-Creed Street-Creed IRC network. I have been on Street-Creed for many years and it's a friendly network to be on.